15.8 śarīraṁ yad avāpnoti (Original)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 15

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śarīraṁ yad avāpnoti
yac cāpy utkrāmatīśvaraḥ
gṛhītvaitāni saṁyāti
vāyur gandhān ivāśayāt

‘Whichever body the lord (soul) enters or it quits, it takes them (the senses) and goes, like the wind the odour from its seat.’1

Whatever body is entered into, or whatever body is departed from, the lord of the senses (the soul) always takes them (the senses) along with him, as also the essences of the elements (or rudimental elementary essences); like the wind abstracting from their seats, the flowers, sandal (chandana), musk etc., their scents along with their fine dust, and carrying them elsewhere.

What these senses are, is explained :—

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  1. Consult Br: Sū: II-4, 4 to 6 (Aṇavaścha etc.,); also III-I-I: ‘Tad-antara etc.’ Also read Lucifer: p: 128, April 1896.

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