8.12-13 sarva-dvārāṇi saṁyamya (Original)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 8

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sarva-dvārāṇi saṁyamya
mano hṛdi nirudhya ca
mūrdhny ādhāyātmanaḥ prāṇam
āsthito yoga-dhāraṇām
oṁ ity ekākṣaraṁ brahma
vyāharan mām anusmaran
yaḥ prayāti tyajan dehaṁ
sa yāti paramāṁ gatim

‘Stopping up all passages, locking the mind in the heart, forcing the prāṇa into the head, and thus establishing oneself in collected concentration (yoga-dhāraṇa), and methodically repeating the one-syllabled OM, —the Brahm—, whoso, thus, casteth away his body, intent on Me, goeth to the Supreme State.’

Stopping up passages, means: the repressing the sense-functions through the channels of the ear etc., in other words, abstracting the senses from their normal outgoing tendencies.

Locking the mind in the heart, means: directing the thoughts (loving thoughts) towards Me, the Akshara, enthroned in the lotus-heart.

Established in yoga-dhāraṇa, or collected concentration, means: perfect concentration of all attention on Me.

Methodically repeating the one-syllabled OM. OM or AUM is the sign, symbol or appellation of the Indestructible —(Akshara). OM being the sign, the indicator, I am the Indicated, Who is to be profoundly meditated upon.

Whoso, holding up the prāṇa (life-breath) in the head, departs from the body, in the manner indicated, goes to the Exalted State.

Paramām gatim (the Exalted State) is the ātma itself, as in essence contra-distinguished from matter, and comparable with My state, from which there is no return.

It is this state (of self-realization) that is discoursed on in verses:—

‘He, who, when all beings perish, doth not perish’ (Bh: Gī: VIII-20).

‘It was described as Avyakta, Akshara; this, they say, is the Exalted State’ (Bh: Gī: VIII-21)

The modes of Divine Meditation suited to those who are fortune-seekers (aiśvary-ārthinaḥ), and to those who aspire after their self or soul (kaivaly-ārthinaḥ) have thus been declared. The mode of Divine Meditation suited to the jñāni or the God-aspirer, and the nature of his Goal are now declared:—

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