9.16 aham krathur aham yagya:

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 9

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SlOkam – Original

aham krathur aham yagya: svadhAham aham aushadham |
manthrO’ham aham evAjyam aham agnir aham hutham ||

word-by-word meaning

aham – I am
krathu – the yAgam (sacrifice such as jyOthistOmam etc)
aham yagya – I am the pancha mahA yagyams (the five great sacrifices)
aham svadhA – I am the svadhA (which gives strength to pithrus (ancestors))
aham aushadham – I am the havis (offering given in sacrifices)
aham manthra – I am the manthra
aham Eva Ajyam – I am the offerings such as ghee etc
aham agni – I am the fire (such as AhvanIyam)
aham hutham – I am the hOmam (the fire rituals in the sacrifice)

Simple Translation

I am the yAgam (sacrifice such as jyOthistOmam etc); I am the pancha mahA yagyams (the five great sacrifices);  I am the svadhA (which gives strength to pithrus (ancestors)); I am the havis (offering given in sacrifices); I am the manthra; I am the offerings such as ghee etc; I am the fire (such as AhvanIyam); I am the hOmam (the fire rituals in the sacrifice).

Rendering based on ALkoNdavilli gOvindhAchArya swAmy’s English translation of gIthA bhAshyam

‘I am the kratu, I the yajña, I the svadhā, I the aushadha, I the mantra, I Myself the butter, I the fire, and I the hutam.’

  1. Kratu: I am the rituals of Veda-sacrifices known as Jyotishtoma[9. The name of a Sacrifice to gain Svarga.] etc.
  2. Yajña: I am the acts of daily Sacrifices, the enjoined daily obligations, the Mahāyajña[10. See footnote 4 to verse 3.8. Cp. Bh: Gi: IV-24.].
  3. Svadhā: I am the food oblated in the Sacrifices, which goes to nourish the hosts of Pitṛis (departed ancestors, or divinities who preside over them).
  4. Aushadha: The classes of plants in general, or herbic compounds, or grain etc., offered, is Myself.
  5. Mantra: I Myself am the mantra, or holy verses chanted during ritualistic ceremonies.
  6. I am the clarified butter (which is poured into the fire accompanied with mantras). This implies all other offerings such as soma[11. The juice of the ‘Asclepias or Aesculapius’. But Aṇna Moreśvar Kunte in his work Ashtānga-hṛidaya says, it is ‘Sarcostema Viminalis’. (P:3).].
  7. I am the fire known as Āhavanīya[12. The Tretāgni or the Three Fires, are the Gārhaptya=the householder’s consecrated fire transmitted from father to son perpetually; the Āhavanīya is the fire that is lit from this for sacrificial purposes; the Dakshiṇā is the sacred fire placed towards the south, called Anvāhārya-pachana in the Brāhmāṇās. See Chh: Up: iv-11, 12, 13.] etc.
  8. Hutam=Homam=the act of Sacrifice. This also is Myself.


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