11.18 tvam akṣaraṁ paramaṁ veditavyaṁ (Original)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 11

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tvam akṣaraṁ paramaṁ veditavyaṁ
tvam asya viśvasya paraṁ nidhānam
tvam avyayaḥ śāśvata-dharma-goptā
sanātanas tvaṁ puruṣo mato me

‘Thou art to be known as the Supreme Imperishable; Thou art the great Shelter of this Kosmos; Thou art the Undecaying; the Shield of the Permanent Dharma; and I ken, Thou art the Primal Purusha.’

Thou art the Supreme Akshara, or the Imperishable (=Unchanging), declared as that which is to be known, in such Upanishad Texts as:—

‘There are two Vidyas (sciences) to be learnt’ etc.[1. Muṇd: Up: I-1-4: Dve vidye veditavye.]

Nidhānam=Shelter=Support=Prop (of the Universe).

Avyayah=That which can never exhaust, for in whatever aspect, or character, or manifestation, Thou willest to be, so dost Thou ever remain.

The Shield of the Permanent Dharma=The Protecter of the Eternal Laws of Virtue etc., embodied in the Vedas, by incarnating Thyself in any of the known ways (such as Rāma, Kṛishṇa etc).

Thou art the Primal Purusha or Ancient Spirit as declared in such Upanishad-passages as:

‘I understand this Purusha the Magnificent’ etc.[2. Tait: Araṇ III-12; and Purusha-Sūkta: Ved-āham etam Purusham Mahāntam &c.]

‘The Sublimer than the sublime, Purusha’.[3. Muṇd: Up: I-1-4: Dve vidye veditavye.]

That, this Thou art, I understand; i.e., Thou, the Ornament of the Yadu-race, hast Thyself appeared to Me as such.

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