12.1 evaṁ satata-yuktā ye (Original)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 12

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arjuna uvāca
evaṁ satata-yuktā ye
bhaktās tvāṁ paryupāsate
ye cāpy akṣaram avyaktaṁ
teṣāṁ ke yoga-vittamāḥ

Queries Arjuna:

‘Of those who thus —Thy bhaktas— ever devout, worship Thee, and of those who betake to the Imperishabie-Immanifest, which are the better informed of yoga?’

Satata-yuktāḥ=ever devout (or ever intent in thought for union with Thee): are those of the character portrayed in the Stanza: ‘Doing work for Me’ etc., (Gi: XI-55).

Tvām upāsate=Worship Thee=Worship Thee, the Lord, deeming Thee as the very Fulfilment of their sublimest ambition; —Thee the Perfect, —the Sovereign of all Kosmic glories, —the Possessor of such countless and exalted characteristics as (Divine) Beauty, Affability, etc., and Omniscience, Infallible Will etc—; these are Thy Lovers.

The other worshippers are the worshippers of The Imperishable-Immanifest (Aksharam-avyaktam), those who contemplate on the nature of pratyagātma (=jīvātma= Individual soul).

Pratyag-ātma is aksharam=imperishable;and avyaktam=indiscernible, inasmuch as ātma is that which is not an object of perception or manifest to any of the senses, the eye etc.

Of these two classes, which are the better yoga-informed (yoga-vit-tamāh)!, meaning, who would reach their respective goals sooner?.

Ere long, Pārtha! I become’ etc. (Gi: XII-7), is the Stanza further on, in which it will be made clear that the ‘better-versed of yoga’ is with reference to the rapid reaching of the (God-)Goal.

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