18.62 tam eva śaraṇaṁ gaccha (Original)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 18

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tam eva śaraṇaṁ gaccha
sarva-bhāvena bhārata
tat-prasādāt parāṁ śāntiṁ
sthānaṁ prāpsyasi śāśvatam

‘With all the soul, Bhārata! seek Him as (thy) Refuge. By his Grace shalt thou attain to supreme peace, and eternal state.’

Such being the case (referring to Stanza 61 ante), with all thy soul (or being), fly for Refuge to Him, —Him the Governor of all, —Him Who governs thee by saying: ‘Do thus etc.,’ —Him, indeed who out of love for his creatures has condescended even to become thy Charioteer.

Seek Him as Refuge = Follow Him or His directions in every way; i.e., carry out all His injunctions such as prosecuting the (impending) war etc., as, even when thou willest otherwise, thou will find thyself unable to carry out thy mind prompted as thou wilt be, —ignorant as thou art,— by his māyā; and that will lead to thy perishment. Obedience to Him, on the other hand, shall by His grace, procure for thee supreme peace, or cessation of all karma-bonds, and also Eternal State or the Immortal Empyrean.

Śrutis by the hundred declare thus:

‘That is Vishṇu’s exalted Empyrean, which Saints ever see’[1. Tait: Samh: I-3-6 and IV-2-9: ‘Tad Vishṇoh &c.,’]

‘Verily do they, become meritorious, reach Heaven, where the Devas Sādhyas dwell.’[2. Tait: Āraṇ: III-12: ‘Teha nakam.’]

‘Where the archaic first-born Rishis (are).’[3. Tait: Samh: IV-7-13: ‘Yatra rishayaḥ.’]

‘Which is hidden away beyond the material heaven.’[4. Tait: Nārā: Up°: X-21: ‘Parena nākam &c.,’]

‘Who, in the Supreme Heaven, is the Lord of Kosmos’[5. Tait: Brāh: II-8-9: ‘Yo `sya &c.’]

‘Now, that Divine Light which shines above this’[6. Chh: Up°: III-13-7: ‘Atha yad ataḥ &c.’]

‘He reaches the End of the journey (viz;) Vishṇu’s Superb Empyrean’[7. Kath: Up: I-3-9: ‘So `dhavanah &c.’] etc.

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