18.54 brahma-bhūtaḥ prasannātmā (Original)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 18

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brahma-bhūtaḥ prasannātmā
na śocati na kāṅkṣati
samaḥ sarveṣu bhūteṣu
mad-bhaktiṁ labhate parām

‘Become Brahm-like and clear-souled, he laments not and longs not; equal [i.e., indifferent] towards all beings, he doth attain to My love supreme.’

Brahma-bhūtaḥ = The realizing of ātma-nature as that which is characterized by infinite intelligence (Jñāna or consciousness), and essentially leige to Me. The essential, character of leigeship forsooth, was that which was posited in: ‘But My other nature, higher than that, know’ (Gi: VII-5).

Clear-souled (prasannātma) = Clearness of one’s nature: meaning nature not rendered turbid by deeds of pain etc.[1. That is deeds of sin and merit (vide Tāt: Chan:)]

Laments not = Save Myself, he has no grief as in relation to any other being. (His only grief is God-grief); nor has he love for anything else. (His only love is God-love).

Same or equal to all beings = An attitude of indifference towards every creature, save Myself; and thus not caring a straw for anything. Supreme (=parā-) bhakti for Me is attained.

Parā-bhakti, or supreme loving devotion is of the form of exquisite or rapturous bliss occasioned by (the soul’s enjoyment of Me, —Me the Lord of all, —the Author of the drama of Kosmic evolutions, processions and dissolutions, —the Antithesis of all trace of evil, —the sole Depository of the boundless and superb multitude of Illustrious Attributes, —the Nectar-ocean of beauty, —the Śrī-united, —the Lotus-eyed, —and the soul’s own Sovereign.

The fruit of this Love is declared :—

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