5.11 kAyEna manasA budhdhyA

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 5

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SlOkam – Original

kAyEna manasA budhdhyA kEvalair indhriyairapi |
yOgina: karma kurvanthi sangam thyakthvAthma SudhdhayE ||

word-by-word meaning

yOgina: – karma yOgis
sangam – attachment towards heaven etc
thyakthvA – giving up
Athma SudhdhayE – to be relieved from ancient karmas (puNya/pApa) from AthmA (self) and become purified
kAyEna – with body
manasA – with mind
budhdhyA – with intellect
kEvalai: – free from mamakAra (considering as one’s own)
indhriyai: api – and with senses
karma – actions
kurvanthi – perform

Simple Translation

karma yOgis, giving up attachment towards heaven etc, perform actions with body, mind, intellect and senses which are free from mamakAra (considering as one’s own), to be relieved from ancient karmas (puNya/pApa) from AthmA (self) and become purified.

Rendering based on ALkoNdavilli gOvindhAchArya swAmy’s English translation of gIthA bhAshyam

‘Unattached, for the sake of self-purification, do the yogis act, by their body, by the manas[1. See notes 2 and 3, p. 159.], by the buddhi[2. See notes 2 and 3, p. 159.] and even by the mere senses.’

Devoid of all clingings to fruits such as svarga etc., the (karma)-yogīs (mechanically) let their body, manas, buddhi and the senses do work, as but the instruments with which to effect self-purification.

Self-purification (ātma-śuddhi) is the breaking of the bonds of past deeds binding ātma.

Work is done to get this release (and therefore not for securing any fruit like svarga etc).

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