10.2 na me viduḥ sura-gaṇāḥ (Original)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 10

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na me viduḥ sura-gaṇāḥ
prabhavaṁ na maharṣayaḥ
aham ādir hi devānāṁ
maharṣīṇāṁ ca sarvaśaḥ

‘Not the hosts of Suras, nor the Maharshis, ken My Greatness; (for) verily am I, every way, the prior to Devas and Maharshis.’

The companies of the Suras (Devas), and even the Maharshis who are capable of supersensuous perception, and are highly illuminated, know not My High Nature= prabhavam = prabhāvam. In other words, they know not the Divine nature of My titles, My deeds, My essence, and My attributes. In every way am I the Source of the being, the intelligence and the power possessed by them (the Devas etc). What intelligence etc., they have, is limited, being but the measure of their merit awarded by Me, making them what they are, Devas and Devarshis. Their intelligence (or consciousness) being limited, they cannot gauge the exactitude of My nature.

That knowledge concerning Me is now stated, which Devas etc., cannot conceive, —knowledge which would remove the obnoxious elements which stand in the way of Love (bhakti) growing.

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