11.24 nabhaḥ-spṛśaṁ dīptam aneka-varṇaṁ (Original)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 11

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nabhaḥ-spṛśaṁ dīptam aneka-varṇaṁ
vyāttānanaṁ dīpta-viśāla-netram
dṛṣṭvā hi tvāṁ pravyathitāntar-ātmā
dhṛtiṁ na vindāmi śamaṁ ca viṣṇo

‘O Vishṇu[1. The 259th and 663rd name of God = He who pervades all.]! my very inner self quakes at seeing Thee reaching the firmament, effulgent, of numerous colors, wide-opened mouths, and large shining eyes; and neither courage nor peace can I command.’

The term nabhas= firmament or vault above, is in reference to the parama-vyoma or the Supreme Space or Regions above, beyond the three Guṇas, (or the Heavens) chanted in the Śrutis as :—

‘That in the High Imperishable Vault (vyoma)’[2. ‘Tad akshare parame vyoman’ ahā-Nār: Up: I.].,

‘The Sun-colored, beyond Tamas’[3. ‘Āditya-varṇam tamasaḥ parastat’ Tait: Araṇ: III-13.],.

‘The Dweller beyond this Rajas’[4. ‘Kshayantam asya rajasaḥ parāke’ Tait: Samh: II-2-12.],.

‘He who is his (soul’s) Supervisor, in the sublime firmament (vyoma),’[5. ‘Yo asy-ādhyakshaḥ parame vpyoman’. Tait: Samḥ: II-2-12.] etc.

Nabhas-spṛiśam = reaching the firmament, means that Thou art the (infinite) Shelter or Receptacle of all the changeful Prakṛiti-principle, and the Purusha-principle in all its several states of existence (bound, free etc). Also in a previous stanza, it was declared:—

‘Indeed is the interval betwixt the heavens and the earth filled’ etc (Gita: XI—20).

Antarātma=my very inner soul, means the mind.

Courage: To sustain bodily existence.

Peace=Placidity for the senses.

O Vishṇu=O Thou, Who art all-Pervading!

At sight of Thy most Miraculous and Awful Apparition, all my limbs quiver and all my senses are aghast.

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