11.49 mA thE vyathA mA cha vimUdabhAvO

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 11

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SlOkam – Original

mA thE vyathA mA cha vimUdabhAvOdrushtvA rUpam ghOram IdhruN mamEdham |
vyapEthabhI: prIthamanA: punas thvam thadhEva mE rUpam idham prapaSya ||

word-by-word meaning

mama – my
Idhruk – such
idham ghOram rUpam – this terrible form
dhrushtvA – having seen
thE – for you
vyathA – anguish
mA (bhUtha) – be rid
vimUda bhAva: cha – perplexity
mA (bhUtha) – be rid
vyapEthabhI: – being relieved of fear
prItha manA: – with pleased heart
thvam – you
thath Eva mE idham rUpam – this form which you are used to
puna: prapaSya – again see

Simple Translation

Be rid of anguish and perplexity which you have acquired on seeing my this such terrible form; being relieved of fear, with pleased heart, you shall again see this form which you are used to.

Rendering based on ALkoNdavilli gOvindhAchArya swAmy’s English translation of gIthA bhAshyam

‘Be not alarmed, be not much perplexed, beholding
this My terrible form of Form. Rid of dread and glad of heart, perceive you again My former Form.’

Whatever fear and whatever perplexity, might have been caused you by witnessing this, My Awful Form, let them leave you. I shall present you now with My lovely Form, the Form to which you are already accustomed. Behold it.

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