18.20 sarva-bhūteṣu yenaikaṁ (Original)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 18

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sarva-bhūteṣu yenaikaṁ
bhāvam avyayam īkṣate
avibhaktaṁ vibhakteṣu
taj jñānaṁ viddhi sāttvikam

‘That knowledge, know, is Sātvika, by which one seeth the one indestructible reality in all beings, —the indivisible in the divisible.’

The division among beings is the division as Brāhmaṇas (the hierarchy), Kshatriyas (the royalty) etc., (Brahmachāri (student), Gṛihastha (householder) etc., who are all qualified for performing works; and also the divisions (or differences) numerous such as white, tall etc. Seeing the one reality is seeing the oneness of the essence of ātma, and seeing it as indivisible is by reason of all ātma sharing in common the one attribute of intelligence; and seeing it as indestructible or unchangeable amid the destructible or changeable bodies such as that of a Brāhmaṇa etc., and also seeing that while in the capacity of performing an act (or ceremony) that the actor (—ātma) has no interest in the fruit of that act. This kind of Knowledge is Sātvika.

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