18.35 yayā svapnaṁ bhayaṁ śokaṁ (Original)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Chapter 18

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yayā svapnaṁ bhayaṁ śokaṁ
viṣādaṁ madam eva ca
na vimuñcati durmedhā
dhṛtiḥ sā pārtha tāmasī

‘That is Tāmasa-Purpose, Pārtha! by which the
fool doth not shake off slumber, dread, grief, despair and folly.’

Svapnam = slumber, or sleep.

Madam = folly arising from the enjoyment of objects. The fool or the ill-wise man (durmedhāḥ) does not hinder the mind and other life-forces in him dragging him into sleep and surrounding him with fancies. He abets them in their coursings in that direction.

The terms, dread, grief and despair symbolize the objects which cause these feelings.

The sustenance of the powers of the mind, life etc., which occupy themselves along these lines is the Rājasa-Purpose or Will.

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