Essence of SrI bhagavath gIthA – Chapter 10 (vibhUthi visthara yOga)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Essence of SrI bhagavath gIthA

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In the fourteenth SlOkam of gIthArtha sangraham, ALavandhAr explains the summary of tenth chapter saying “To manifest and nurture sAdhana bhakthi [the process of bhakthi yOga as means to attain bhagavAn], unlimited nature of bhagavAn‘s auspicious qualities, knowledge about him being the controller of everything are explained in detail in the tenth chapter.”.

Important SlOkams/Verses

SlOkam/Verse 1

SrI bhagavAn uvAcha
bhUya Eva mahAbAhO SruNu mE paramam vacha: |
yath thE’haṁ prIyamANAya vakshyAmi hithakAmyayA ||

SrI bhagavAn continued speaking – Oh mighty armed! For your well-being (of acquiring and nurturing devotion towards me), I am again speaking to you who are joyful (on hearing my glories) this sublime lecture (elaborating my glories) only. Listen (carefully to that sublime lecture of) mine.

Note: As arjuna manifested joy in listening to krishNa’s divine words, krishna mercifully continued to share great wisdom to him.

In the 2nd SlOkam, krishNa explains the greatness of the knowledge which He is going to teach arjuna in this chapter.

SlOkam/Verse 3

yo mAm ajam anAdhim cha vEththi lOkamahESvaram |
asammUda: sa marthyEshu sarvapApai: pramuchyathE ||

One among the mortals who is not bewildered to consider me as equal to other men and knows me as not having a birth and that too as the one who does not have a birth since time immemorial and the lord of those who are considered as the lords of this world, becomes relieved from all sins (which are obstacles to develop devotion).

Note: Only the one who knows the true nature of bhagavAn, becomes relieved of sins.

In the 4th and 5th SlOkam, he explains that many abilities (even contrary aspects) are acquired by his will.

In the 6th SlOkam, he explains that great sages such as saptha rishis are following his will.

In the 7th SlOkam, he explains that the one who understands his true wealth, will be steady in bhakthi yOga.

SlOkam/Verse 8

aham sarvasya prabhavO maththa: sarvam pravarthathE |
ithi mathvA bhajanthE mAm budhA bhAvasamanvithA: ||

I am the origin for the whole world and all entities operate from me only. Meditating upon this natural unencumbered wealth and auspicious qualities of mine, wise persons worship me with great love.

SlOkam/Verse 9

machchiththA madhgathaprANA bOdhayantha: parasparam |
kathayanthaS cha mAm nithyam thushyanthi cha ramanthi cha ||

[My devotees] Having their mind fixed on me, having their life centered in me, informing each other (about my qualities they enjoyed), always discussing about me and my activities, both the speakers and listeners become joyful.

SlOkam/Verse 10

thEshAm sathathayukthAnAm bhajathAm prIthipUrvakam |
dhadhAmi budhdhiyOgam tham yEna mAm upayAnthi thE ||

For those who are desiring to be together always (with me) and are engaged in (selfless) bhakthi towards me, I joyfully bestow them the intelligence (known as paragyAnam) which is an aspect to reach me.

SlOkam/Verse 11

thEshAm EvAnukampArtham aham agyAnajam thama: |
nASayAmyAthmabhAvasthO gyAnadhIpEna bhAsvathA ||

In those selfless bhakthi yOga nishtars (those who are engaged in bhakthi yOga), due to my mercy only, being the target of their heart, I destroy the ignorance of darkness (of attachment to worldly pleasures) which is a hurdle for knowledge, caused by sins coming from time immemorial, with the shining lamp of knowledge about me.

Note: In these 3 SlOkams, the upward progression of bhakthi by krishNa’s grace is shown.

In the next 7 SlOkams, arjuna being in awe of krishNa’s greatness, reveals his understanding about the same and requests krishNa to give a glimpse of his wealth (of qualities and control over all entities).

In the 19th SlOkam, krishNa agrees to speak about it and cautions that there is no limit to his wealth.

SlOkam/Verse 20

aham AthmA gudAkESa sarvabhUthASayasthitha: |
aham AdhiS cha madhyam cha bhUthAnAm antha Eva cha ||

Oh arjuna who has won over sleep! I am residing as antharyAmi in the hearts of all creatures. For all creatures, I am the cause for creation which happens first, the cause for sustenance which happens in the middle and the cause for annihilation which happens in the end.

Note: He first establishes that everything is under his control.

From the 21st SlOkam till 40th SlOkam, he selects the best aspect/entity among a group of entities and names him to be that entity.

SlOkam/Verse 41

yadh yadh vibhUthimath sathvam SrImadh Urjitham Eva vA |
tath tadhEvAvagachcha thvam mama thEjO’mSa sambhavam ||

Whichever creature is having glories which are controlled by it, having radiance and is fixed on starting auspicious activities, you know that those creatures acquired that from a fraction of my controlling ability.

SlOkam/Verse 42

atha vA bahunaithEna kim gyAnEna thavArjuna |
vishtabhyAham idham kruthsnam EkAmSEna sthithO jagath ||

Oh arjuna! But what is the use of this knowledge which is explained in many different ways, for you? I am sustaining all this world with a fraction of my ability.

Note: Finally, he concludes that while his ability is infinite, the words here are limited to do full justice.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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